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Diesel Generators - Standby Catalogue

The Diesel Generators in the Stand-by Range are designed to offer maximum performance in reserve from the mains electricity supply. These devices come into operation automatically when there is a power failure, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient supply.

The emergency generators can be used in a variety of applications such as industrial, residential, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, shopping areas, leisure centres, sports stadiums, military applications, telecommunications, etc.

The emergency electrical generators are designed to optimise the electrical load, via a sophisticated control panel which allows it to adapt to the electrical supply needs.

In the soundproof versions, we obtain a level of acoustic emissions to the atmosphere below the values established by the European Directive, due to the high quality of our enclosures.






Shopping areas


Halls for concerts and celebrations

Sports stadiums and facilities

Military Applications

Diesel Generators Standby Range

Diesel Generators Standby

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