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Diesel Generators Rental Range

Rental Diesel Generators

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The Rental Range of Inmesol Diesel Generators, is aimed at temporary electrical supply, where the main applications are construction, public works, roads, underground constructions, concerts, celebrations, telecommunications, industries etc.

The Rental Range mainly stands out for its soundproof cabin designed and studied by our team of engineers to comply with the most rigorous specifications for noise emissions to the atmosphere.

It has a wide range of accessories to extend the maintenance processes when refilling fuel, etc., according to electrical safety and environmental standards.  This, together with a wide variety of options such as pre-filter systems, plugs and types of electrical connection with an easy control panel.

The INMESOL Diesel Generator for rental is designed and manufactured with robustness and solidity for work in severe weather conditions, taking into account the accessibility to the different parts of the generator, which make the maintenance tasks easier.

An important feature is the possibility of incorporating a mobile kit, either high or low speed.


All types of events

Constructions and public works.


Fairs and Exhibitions

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